Welcome to Alam Made to Measure

Quality Is Remembered
Long After.... Price Is Forgotten.

Apart from being the "financial metropolis; New Delhi is known for its history, craft and workmanship for Bespoke suits and shirts.

Founded in 1987, we are proud to celebrate our 25 years existence as one of New Delhi Best Customize tailoring.

What sets us apart from the rest is our commitment to quality, price, attention to detail and customer service. Each tailor hired at ALAM comes with decades of experience in skillfully cutting and sewing as fabric as per precise measurements, thus proving ALAM’S passion for perfection.

Every garment you order with us is specially hand cut and handmade and built exclusively for you. Our tailor made suits in New Delhi and tailored shirts New Delhi provide you the best bespoke feel every time you wear as they are built with full hand sewn canvas. You can even Book an Appointment order for your bespoke tailored suits for your upcoming event with us.

“Furthermore we are one of the few in the industry who manage an in-house team of tailors which gives us an edge when it comes to deciding on little things which can make a big difference in the grand scheme of things. (Buttons, linings, shoulder pads, horse canvasses, zippers, threads etc.)”

When meeting with us, every Alam’s customer is taken through a complete consultation on fabrics, cuts, latest industry trends and measured with laser-like precision to ensure the perfect individual fit.

The end goal of our service is to create a "new you" and let out clothes speak for themselves. After all, our customers are our ambassadors and today, we have over 47000 ambassadors worldwide doing the talking for us. .